Welcome to another episode of our Lead to Succeed podcast, today we are joined with Tony Sciarrotta, Executive Director of the Reverse Logistics Association. Tony shares some really useful insights into his views and approach to leadership.

We move on to discuss, when working at Phillips, how Tony was tasked with handling and figuring out how to significantly reduce the returns rate and problems they were having with their products. This was very much an emerging sector at the time, and there were very little or no best practices or industry-wide policies to handling reverse logistics.

Tony shares with us how he took a comprehensive approach to this problem by looking at the entire process of how Philips's products were packaged, marketed, their instructions manuals and other areas, not just 'how do we reduce returns?' - a very interesting and technical discussion with Tony. If getting down to the details of solving significant problems is your area - this is the podcast for you!

Thank you very much to Tony for being on our podcast and thank you to you for listening, enjoy!

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